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Wednesday, 21 December 2011 15:42

The Log Home and Cabin Maintenance Center

Log Home Maintenance.


Log home before cleaning the logs.



Log home after cleaning the logs.
What a difference cleaning makes.

The log home Maintenance Companies will be listed under the Maintenance Link to the left in a few weeks.

US and Canadian Log Home Maintenance Supply Companies, like Perma-Chink, will be listed soon. Perma-Cink has contributed numerous helpful articles about maintaining your log home with their products. These articles are found under the information tab.

In the Information Section of loghomes.com you will find many helpful log home and cabin articles about taking care of your log home including "how to do it yourself" tips written by log home the professionals. Maintaining a log cabin or home is not much different from and ordinary home. The common issues in both kinds of homes is how to deal with nature and natures pests, which are; the wind, rain, snow, the sun, woodpeckers, rodents and bugs.

  1. Develop a log home maintenance plan
  2. Log home and cabin inspection tips
  3. Protecting your log home from the sun
  4. Getting ready for winter
  5. Minimizing exposure to moisture
  6. Dealing with natures insects (bugs)
  7. Dealing with natures pests
  8. Preserving logs
  9. Preserving wood decks
  10. Dealing with Mold and Mildew
  11. Parasitic Wasps
  12. Cleaning Wood Surfaces
  13. Stain and Topcoat Additives
  14. Restoring neglected log homes and cabins.
  15. Much more.

BTW... We are accepting log home and cabin maintenance articles for publication from our advertisers. Specifically, we publish articles that are supported by photographs. Proper credit given. Articles are great advertising tools. Contact us for details.

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LogHomes.com features Log Home Mills models and plans, Builders of milled and handcrafted log homes or log cabins in the United States.  Plus - Log Home Real Estate for Sale today in the United States and Canada.


 America's 1st log home information web site.

We feature two styles of log homes today; the milled log home (or manufactured log home) and the handcrafted log home. Whether you are looking to buy a log home package or have a custom log home or cabin built for you, LogHomes.com has your needs covered.  The established American and Canadian log home builders and log mills featured here provide information for log homes, handcrafted log homes, cabins, fishing cabins, hunting cabins and retreat cabins.  Log construction styles include Round logs, D logs, Half logs, Square logs, Saddle Notch, Post and Beam Log Homes and the Timber Frame Log HomeA log house becomes a log home when you add your personality to its natural beauty and warmth.©

List log home or cabin seminars here with loghomes.com.

In Models and Plans section you will find photographs of affordable log homes and cabins. These stunning homes were built by true log craftsmen. The mills and skilled log home builders listed with Loghomes.com will help you make quality building decisions every step of the way. Feel free to contact them as they have the answers to all of your questions about building a log house, a custom log home, or a custom handcrafted log home, a log home or a log cabin.

Log Home Real Estate For Sale.

Looking for an existing log home or log cabin real estate to purchase?  We have Luxury Log Homes, Classic Log Homes, and the Best Country Log Homes for Sale.   Under the Log Homes For Sale Tab you will find United States, Canadian Realtor and FSBO "for sale by owner" listings.  These log home and cabin real estate listings are for new and "rustic log homes" - including short sales,  log cabin foreclosures, lease option possibilities.  Looking for real log home design ideas?   Look at the interiors of log homes for sale in our for sale section.

Selling a log home or log cabin, we have you covered.

Have a log home or cabin to sell? Our Log Home Real Estate advertising rates are very reasonable. Click "Login / Register" and then register to create an advertising user account to list your log home or cabin for sale. "Michigan Log Home sells in 2 days after being listed.  Tennessee log home sold 8 days after being listed on www.loghomes.com for cash." Log homes and log cabins often sell in 30 to 120 days.

Pictures of real log homes and cabins.

Looking for real log home or cabin design ideas? Look at our log home and cabin real estate for sale section to browse photos of real log homes and cabins throughout the United States and Canada. You will learn a lot about the interior construction, decorating ideas and the design of log homes and cabins by looking at the photos of our log home properties for sale.

Unique Log Homes:

This Kentucky Log Home for Sale Property is one of the most uniquely beautiful log homes I have ever seen.

Log Shells, Log Home Kits and Packages.

The construction process of a log home or cabin starts as a log shell, progresses to a log kit and then to a complete log home package. The owner/builder or owner/contractor may purchase a shell, a kit or a complete package. For details click on the Shell Kit Package Tab.

Contracting or Building a log home or cabin.

Contracting with a builder and building a turnkey (ready to live in) log home has never been easier. Buying a log home package and acting as the owner/builder/contractor has never been easier. Erecting a log home or cabin kit has never been easier. Log Builders will also erect log kits for you to finish. We are an American Spirit web site with a "can do" attitude. Here at Loghomes.com hope does spring eternal.

Preserving log homes and log cabins.

Log home maintenance information is available from PermaChink - "Your Wood Care Resource", log home maintenance companies, and other supply companies listed with loghomes.com. Preparing a log home maintenance plan is no different than preparing a plan to maintain any other home. You can find log home and cabin maintenance information here.
Requesting log home information.
When you request log home information via Loghomes.com you will be contacted by one or more log builders who can assist you in planning your dream home budget. Log homes are for everyone and on par cost-wise with a standard home of comparable size. Here is a link to our free log home catalog and information request.

Are you seeking a new career?

New Homestead USA is a distributor owned company capable of producing all of your log home building needs. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it about becoming a log home distributor in your area.

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