About Loghomes.com

LogHomes.com is the natural, organic log home web site featuring log home builders, models, plans, log home real estate, furnishings and wood preservation information.

Loghomes.com provides advertising web space for log home and log cabin builders, mills, wood preservation, and furnishing companies to promote and sell their products.

Our purpose is to educate the public about log homes in general. Our goal is to help our clients increase log home sales. Specifically, we include information from a variety of industry sources including architects, log home designers, engineers, home manufacturers, log builders, and log suppliers. At loghomes.com, potential log home home buyers can communicate with log home builders and mills.

By virtue of our easy to remember domain name and continuous hard work, Loghomes.com has grown into a global log home and cabin information resource. People who plan to build, buy, or own a log home naturally seek out our growing information resource of log home web pages.

Why should you advertise at loghomes.com?

The answer is simple. Loghomes.com is easy to remember.  We are the first, most natural place people look for log home information on the Internet. This means when they type in www.loghomes.com they find our log home information resource.  No search is necessary.  We have had more than 460 million page views since first coming online and Loghomes.com receives hundreds of requests for information each and every month.  We know the information real buyers are interested in reading and seeing.  Our logs show we have hundreds of thousands of return visitors.  Yes! Visitors bookmark loghomes.com for frequent return visits.  Clients are astounded by the quality of our information requests.

On the new loghomes.com website we provide clients with all kinds of interesting statistics including, but not limited to, the number of times your page is read, your ad clicked, the average sale price of log home re-sales.

Why Register on loghomes.com?

For information on how you can advertise your company or services on the loghomes.com network, mouse over the About tab on our home page and read Advertising on Loghomes.com.  Next click on the Login tab and register. Registration is free for potential advertisers. By registering you gain access to the user section of Loghomes.com. In the user section you will be able to review advertising opportunities available to your company.


Loghomes.com is not associated with any log home or log cabin company except through advertising.

About selling loghomes.com:

Every month we receive inquiries about selling our log home web site.   Loghomes.com and loghomes.net were sold to our family trust years ago.  Will the Trust sell loghomes.com and loghomes.net?  Yes!    Loghomes.com and loghomes.net are available to purchase when you make your offer through Escrow.com.    For details contact LogHomes.com.

In the meantime Enjoy www.loghomes.com while the new site is being built and be of good cheer.


Martin Lee Turnbull, former manager
970 736 8223