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Free Information Request

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Listing a log home or cabin for sale on

Here is the procedure to list a property for sale on

Login and create a free subscriber account.

We will confirm your registration by email ad include our rate sheet. 

Now you are ready to place property for sale ads on

Realtors... Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it the MLS Number and the street address and we post the ad for your approval.

For sale by Owner listings... Email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it the street address and the photos you wish to post. If your photos are already posted on the internet send us a link to the listing and we will gather the photos for you. 

Next we enter the advertising information for the property being listed. We have a few required fields. Other than the required fields list whatever information is needed to obtain a response. Remember nothing happens until you are able to enter the prospective buyers world.

We only publish the information you provide.

These are the required informatiopn fields.

  1. Property Name: This unique identifier is especially helpful when you are listing more than one property and you need to make changes. This is the "Title" of the listing.
  2. Property State/Province
  3. Property/Country
  4. Square Footage - Required: Search function.
  5. Publishing the Property description: We allow you up to 1000 words in paragraphs to describe the property
  6. Description: We provide a text box area for the search engine description. It is called a meta description. It is a short and concise message. A generic example would be: Log Home for sale (city) (state) on (#) (wooded or cleared) acres with (creek, pond, barns, arena)
  7. Keywords: Keywords are simple search terms catalogued by search engines. Here are examples that may apply to your ad: Creek side log home (or Cabin) (state), Riverside log cabin for sale (state), log cabin home for sale (state), cabin for sale (state), home for sale (state), log cabin real estate, log home real estate.
  8. We ad the Photos. The system will re size the image for viewing.
  9. After we post the listing you will receive our invoice. You can pay on line or mail us a check.
  10. New ads are billed for 90 days. Thereafter billing can be for 1-2-3 months. Billing stops when we are notified to cancel the ad.
  11. All ads are archived got 1 year.