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Advertising Rates for

Advertising Rates at

To place your Company or Property listing on you will need to open a Free User Account.

Click the "Login / Register" Tab.

Then register to create your user account.


Home Page Listings for Log Home Builders & Mills: Contact us for pricing and information
  • A Home Page listing puts your company on the home page. When you subscribe, your company will be listed in the left hand column of the home page under the appropriate category.
  • Viewers can click your company name and go directly to your company information on
  • In addition, Models and Plans listed for your company will show up in the right hand column when your company information is being viewed.


  • Directory listings place your company in the Builder or Mill Directory for one or more states.
  • Viewers can search by state and find the listing for Builders or Mills who are listed with There prospective clients can click your listing and review the services provided which may include photos promoting your company.
  • Additional Models and Plans listed for your company will show up in the right hand column of the site when your company information is being viewed.
  • Your home state is included in your directory listing. We highly recommend that you list your company in all the states that you service  for better exposure. The ad rate includes listings in up to 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 states.


Real Estate Ads:  Effective Date 2 - 17 - 2020
  1. We bill quarterly until the ad is about to expire, then we bill monthly.
  2. Auction Ad Rate is $171.00 This ad can run up to 90 days. The Auction ad runs as a Rotating Feature Home Page Ad / Combination State Ad. This ad may also appear as a Land Ad, Farm or Ranch Ad, or Log Cabin Ad as appropriate. 
  3. The State Ad rate is $73.50 for 3 months.  State ads are listed in their respective state.
  4. The Rotating Home Page Feature Ad / Combination State Ad is $171.00  for 3 months.   Feature ads rotate on the front page and all over the web site on published pages.  This as also runs as a State ad.
  5. Top banner Logo ads are $888.00 for 6 months or $1776.00 for 1 year.  These ads rotate on the top of every page on the web site.  Contact Martin for complete details on Top banner Logo ads.
Please note: We only bill monthly when ads are due to expire or have less than 3 months left to run.The state ad is $24.50 per month, the feature ad is $57.00 per month, the Top Banner ad is $148 per month.
  • Real Estate listings on are designed for the log home real estate industry. We currently offer land and farm or ranch ads to our advertisers who list log homes and log cabins for sale. Contact Martin for details on free farm and ranch ads.
  • 24 to 28 photo listings will appear in the "For Sale" section of and are fully searchable.
  • As a bonus to advertisers, we have also allocated 3 positions in the footer (bottom) section of the site to display random ads from all categories to increase exposure.
  • All billing is by email invoice - payment can be made by credit card or check.  The billing payment link is under the Information Tab.
  • Normal Billing is quarterly.  Billing stops when we are notified to cancel the ad or the prepaid term expires.
  • While is being remodeled and updated we are placing all ads.  Contact Martin for assistance with all ads.


Site Wide Top Banner Ads: Contact us for pricing and information
  • Banner ads are located in the header section of the site on either side of the logo.
  • These ads will appear on EVERY page in
  • The Banner ads will rotate and change with every page load of the site.
  • We have multiple Banner ad plans available.


  • Models and plans are a key element to driving perspective clients to your company.
  • The Models and Plans section of is designed to allow the viewer to search Models and Plans to see what they like.
  • When a viewer is looking at a model or plan listed by your company other models and plans you have listed will be shown in the right hand column of the site.


Shells, Kits and Packages: Contact us for pricing and information
  • These sections of the site are designed for a company to list the Shells, Kits and Packages they offer. These sections are fully search able.
  • In addition, Models and Plans listed for your company will show up in the right hand column of the site when your company information is being viewed.


Leads:  (This service is temporarily off line.)
  • Log Home, Log Cabin and Log House Information Request Leads are a pre paid annual service of
  • The leads are emailed the 3 times a month to subscribers in an excel data spread sheet.
  • Each lead contains all the information submitted by the prospective log home owner.
  • The annual prepaid fee is $350 per year.
  • These leads are the property of and the Tentmaker Trust.
  • The leads may not be sold, given away, traded, rented, or redistributed without compensating The Tentmaker Trust.



  • All billing is by invoice - payment can be made by credit card or check.
  • Billing is pre-paid - quarterly - semi annual, or annual flat fee.  Billing stops when we are notified to cancel the ad. 
  • Credit Card Payments are made here.


Need personalized assistance? Contact us.

Martin Turnbull, manager
970 736 8223 office


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Advertising on

Advertising on

All our advertising rates will change with the the current web site upgrade.

Thank you for considering advertising on  This web site is about promoting anything related to log homes or cabins, including maintenance and furnishings.

Since 1994 we have been servicing the log home industry with the natural key word domain name "".  We have learned a lot in the past 22 years actually listening to builders and mills of handcrafted and milled log homes or cabins.  At the same time we talked with and listened to thousands of people interested in building a new home or purchasing an existing log home or cabin.  The buyers have told us over and over what they are looking for and their requests have been incorporated into the redesign of

To view our advertising rates you DO NOT need to register and log in.  The following is a brief description of the varied ways you are able to advertise on

Home Page Advertising

  1. Site wide top right and left rotating banner ads
  2. Real Estate home page rotating right column ads
  3. Left Column dedicated to Log Home Industry Premium listings
  4. Site wide Bottom ads may be fixed or rotating

Directory Advertising (tabs across the top of the page content)

  1. Builders - US and Canadian log home builders directory
  2. Mills - US and Canadian log home mill directory
  3. Models & Plans - subscribers advertise models and plans
  4. Kits - mills advertising build it yourself log home and cabin kits
  5. Packages - log mills and builders advertising complete log home packages
  6. Shells - log builders and log mills with log home or cabin shells for sale
  7. Log Homes For Sale real estate listings for United States and Canada
  8. Log Home Maintenance listings for Maintenance Suppliers and Maintenance Companies

Models and Plans Listing's

  • advertisers can place unlimited lead generating models and plans on this web site.  Ask for our M&P ad rate.
  • Architects and log home designers who wish to advertise models and plans for sale should contact Martin using the contact form email us below.

Real Estate For Sale Ads

  • Home Page Rotating - top banner advertising is available
  • Home Page Rotating - right column Feature Ad is standard.
  • State Directory Ads - are available for Land, Log Homes, Log Cabins, Farms & Ranches.
  • Bottom ads will rotate all over the web site.

Ad placement rules

  1. Ads may dissolve - fade into (1) one other image.
  2. Ads may not blink, flash, jiggle or twitch.
  3. Sexual ad content is forbidden.
  4. Profanity is forbidden.
  5. No advertiser shall attack another. Attack ads damage the whole industry.
  6. The advertiser assumes full legal responsibility for their advertising content.
  7. Copyright violations are the responsibility of the advertiser. Obtain written permission before using material under copyright. If you are a log home dealer or mill representative re-verify use of material under copy right with the mill or distributor.
  8. We accept all ads that promote the Log Home Industry. This includes log home funnishings, barns, yard equipment, insurance, additions, remodeling and maintenance.
  9. reserves the right to deny any ad or to pull any ad without prejudice and without recourse to the web site.
  10. If you have questions about ad placement contact Martin Turnbull.
  1. Payment is due at the time of placement.
  2. We bill the first 90 days in advance. Thereafter billing is monthly until cancelled or until 12 months have elapsed.
  3. Advertisers may cancel ads by emailing or login anytime to modify ads.
  4. There are no refunds for ads cancelled by the subscriber.
  5. There are no refunds for ads cancelled after the monthly billing date.
  6. The billing date STARTS the day you placed the ad. For example: If the ad was placed on the 7th of the month the monthly billing date is the 7th of every month till cancelled or 12 months time has passed.
  7. Currently all Real estate ads are billed quarterly for the first quarter. Thereafter we bill monthly.
  8. is owned and managed by The Tentmaker Trust. The trust reserves unto itself the right to cancel any ad without cause and without recourse to the Trust or
  9. Refunds are limited to 1 (one) month for an error on our part.
  10. We are not responsible for writing your advertising copy.


If you have questions call us at 970 736 8223 office or email us.

Martin Turnbull



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