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Hello! has been on the Internet 25 years helping mills, builders, realtors and log home owners sell or purchase log homes and cabins.  Recently we added real estate listings for farms, ranches and undeveloped land.  Soon we will be adding Country Homes of all kinds for sale.  I am rebuilding adding new features. 

Automated credit card billing has been turned off for Security while remodeling  Save your ad all the way into the checkout area where you are asked for your credit card.  Then log out.  We will see the pending ad and approve it.  You will receive my email invoice for payment by check or on our new PayPal gateway.  


Update: Our PayPal payment gateway is under the Information Tab on This is a safe and secure method of Payment. You do not have to be a member of PayPal to make a credit card payment after you receive our invoice. No credit card information is stored on

There are three ad types offered.  All billing is quarterly except for specials and Top Banner Ads.

All Real Estate Ads are searchable in Log Homes For Sale and by State. 3-22-17.

We bill quarterly until the ad is about to expire, then we bill monthly.
The State Ad is $73.50 for 3 months. State ads are listed in their respective state and also rotate on the bottom of about 70% of the public pages.

 The  Rotating Feature Ad Combination State Ad is $171.00  for 3 months.   Feature ads rotate on the front page and all over the web site on published pages.

 Top banner Logo ads are $888.00 for 6 months or $1700.00 per year. These ads rotate on the top of every page on the web site.


Note: We only bill monthly when ads are due to expire or have less than 3 months to run.


Renewal Rates. The state ad is $24.50 per month, the feature ad is $57.00 per month, the Top Banner ad is $148 per month.


While the web site is being remodeled I am placing all ads.  Email me the MLS number, your full contact information, and the type of ad you wish to place.  This offer applies to Realtor and Owner Ads.   Click here to contact us for advertising assistance.


 Here are the basic steps to placing a Log Home Real Estate ad on  While the web site is being remodeled I am placing all ads.

    • Create your user name and password.  See the Login / Register tab on our home page?  Click on the tab.  Then in the right box Click on "Register".  Enter your name create your user name and password and SAVE.  Then log out to set your password.  Do not use any password you may be using with a bank or credit card, etc.
    • Login using your new user name and password.
    • When you Login scroll down the right column of the Login page to PROPERTY LISTINGS.  This is the real estate advertising section.
    • Select the kind of real estate ad 1 photo ad, 10 photo ad, or Feature Ad you would like to place and click on the link.  Note: all advertising is monthly billing.
    • Fill out the form, upload the photos and submit - saving the ad to the Shopping Cart and then to Check Out. Please note.
    • Please Note:  We are rebuilding adding new features.  Automated credit card billing has been turned off for advertiser Security.  We will see the ad and email you our invoice.  Ads will be posted and published waiting for your check to arrive in 7 working days.   Our PayPal payment gateway under the Information Tab on


Detailed steps to posting real estate ads on (a must read)

This is how you set up any ad on The process is not difficult.

  • Select the ad type / value that you wish to post, then Click.  The form opens.  Review the form before you post the ad. 
  • There are 2 description fields.  The one that you fill out is Property Description under the MLS number or above the Land Size field.  The 2nd description field is filled out by our ad manager for the search engines.
  • Blank fields ARE NOT posted.
  • We allow up to 1000 words of advertising copy per ad in the description field.
  • All ads are reviewed for typos, grammar, etc.


Posting photos to your ad.

  • Pre arrange your photos in a folder on your computer.
  • Size the photo's.  Giant digital Images are not acceptable and cannot be saved because of our size limitation.
  • Size Standard horizontal photos to 600 pixels wide.  Size vertical photos to 350 pixels wide.
  • When uploading photos do not save any photo while uploading photos.  Click on the Add Photo button which opens your computer.  Select folder photos to upload in the order which you want them to appear.  Click on the photo you select 2 times.  Once to select the image and once to connect the photo to the add.  Click on the Add Photo button to add additional photo's.  NOTE: All Photos are automatically uploaded to the ad when the ad is saved, not before. The current photo limit is 24 photos. YOU DO NOT SAVE INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS. ALL PHOTOS ARE SAVED WHEN YOU SAVE THE AD.


Preparing advertising copy.

Use your word processor to write your advertising copy.   Then save the copy as a .txt file to cut and past into your ad.   You may use up to 1000 words to describe the property, location, local and regional amenities.    We suggest that your paragraphs flow with the images and are limited to 3-5 sentences per paragraph.   Over the past 22 years we have noticed that people do not like large blocks of abbreviated copy.
All forms are the same.
Our required Fields are: Listing Type, Property Name, Property Description, Land Size in SF or Acres, Square Footage and Actual Square Footage are required.
Interruptions when placing an ad.  We have you covered.
If you get interrupted while placing an ad - save what you have all the way past the shopping cart into CHECKOUT.  When you have reached CHECKOUT you will see the SHOPPING CART and credit card images.  This creates the invoice and saves the ad.  Now you can log out and come back later to finish the ad.

Tips about filling out our forms:

Fill out the form starting with “Property name:” Property name means "Title of your ad". Example: Log Home for sale in Alabama with 25 acres and small stream. (This is how the world sees your ad. If you make a mistake we will fix it.)

 Property Type:

Select the type of property you are selling by clicking on the down arrow button.  Type means what are you selling? There are 4 options. Click the down arrow button and click on your selection.
Provide a reason for the prospective buyer to contact you.  Until you make contact you will never know who is interested in your market area or what they are really looking for.   You may place up to 1000 words of advertising copy in the Box under the MLS number.

The rest of the form is normal real estate information. However, our form is more buyer oriented than any you have used in the past.

We deliberately left out room sizes to create a forced point of contact.

Price is entered near the bottom of the form as $700000.00 not as $700,000.00.

At the bottom of the form Below PRICE is an area called Publishing Description. Leave that area blank. We fill that information in for the search engines.

 We check the ads several times a day to approve them for posting 9AM-6PM  M-F. Once the ad has been posted we check it to be sure it is showing. You may log in anytime to change copy or photographs.


Testing the AD.

We test the email form on every ad to be sure the form is working and that you have provided a good email address.


Receiving Email from your log home for sale ad.

We recommend that you white list each of the following as trusted resources with your email program;,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


How to place your Personal Photo on the Ad:

 After the ad has been posted,  LOGIN: Scroll down the page till you reach Property ListingsSee the Edit MY Profile in Property Listings Section?   Click on it and upload your photograph the same way you uploaded the photographs for your ad.  You only have to do this one time for your image to appear with every ad.


Archiving ads:
We archive all sold, expired, or removed ads for 6-12 months.

We are working every day creating new points of contact for prospective buyers.  Your suggestions are  always welcome.

Enjoy the Service.


Click here to Contact The Marketing Team for Real Estate Advertising Assistance.

We look forward to working with you.


The Marketing Team

 Office Hours start 9:30  -  Monday to Friday, Mountain Time.




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Log Homes For Sale on

Compliments, Testimonials and Referrals

Message to Log Home Mills, Builders, Realtors, and For Sale By Owners.

Our clients are saying...


Advertising on is a good investment. One log home company delivered 2 log homes in 2014 from from leads or links to their website.  Another has a delivery ischeduled in 2015 and one more in plans.  Another entering plans for delivery in 2015/16, 4 in plans for delivery in 2016, and several delivered in 2017, another delivered in 2018, 2 more delivered in 2019.  Many log home real estate properties closed in 2019. 

NOTE: Real Estate Cash Sales are picking up as more people invest retirement money in real property for security. 

Here are a few of the comments realtors and sellers have made over the years regarding their for sale listings...



2-26-2020 Compliments:  The ad looks Great.



2-10-2020 Thank you so VERY MUCH Martin!! You have been wonderful to work with! Kind regards, R.P.

1-25-2020 Alabama Auction home sold. Ad viewed


12-18-19 We sold the log home at 13891 Quaking Aspen in Larkspur Colorado in 33 DAYS.   879 PEOPLE READ THE AD.

12-13-19  4 Field Of Dreams Dr.,  Coventry, Rhode Island.  This property closes today.  Thank you for your beautiful ad.

9-15- 2019 Log Home sold in South Amherst, OH

8-26-19 Ferndale Log Home Sells in 76 Days.

8-17-19 We found buyers who will love our home as much as we did. We closed this week  so can you please remove our listing?  425 old holderford rd, Kingston TN.  Thank you so much for everything!

SOLD JUNE 2019 - A Log Home for Sale in Prescott AZ that is simply Gorgeous

1-31-2019 Illinois Log Home Horse property sells.

1-25-2019 Vaccaville Log Home on beautiful acreage sold.

11-20-2018 Snohomish Log Home Horse property sold.

11-15-2018 11-11-2018 Washington Log Home sold.

11-13-2018 Compliment. "By the way, my client love the ad and so did I!"

9-10-2018  Maine Log Home sold.

09-01-2018 Another $1.9MM Colorado Ranch Property sold.

7-17-2018 Compliment.  From Gabriel M.  "By the way your website is Fantastic ... love log homes!"

7-10-2018 Another $1.8MM log home sells in Resort Area.

6-20-2018 Compliment. Hi Martin, I like the ad, I forwarded your email to the seller so they can look it over. I didn’t find any errors.  You do a great job! Linda

6-18-18 Sold *PRICE REDUCTION* Sells in 3 days. for this custom log home on 29+ acres in Ludington 

 5-30-18   Sold - Gorgeous Log Home on 11+ Beautiful Acres with a Stream Newark, OH

5-31-18   Sold - Picture Perfect Snohomish Log Home - Note Feature ad read 3,321 times.

5-31-18   Sold - Picture Perfect Snohomish Log Home.  Thanks for all your help in getting it published on

3-22-18  Sold -  Kingston NH log home sells.

12-29-17    POCONOS LOG HOME Closes.  Agent Comment:  Thanks for all your help.

11-29-17  Southern Colorado Log Home Sold.   Agent Comment:  Thank you for all your assistance.

 11-17-17  Kingston, NH Log Home Sold.  Agent Comment: Thank you so much for all the exposure helped us gain with links to our site.

11-17-17 NE Washington Log Home on 20 acres Sold.  Client and Agent Happy.

11-15-17 Indiana Log Home Sold.

 11-9-17 Log Home Sold in Abbingtons.

10-29-17 Remote Connecticut Lake Home Finally Sold.

10-5-17 KS Log Home Auction on 324.5 Acres Sold.

10-1-17 Oregon Log Home Sold - Client and Agent Very Happy. 

9-15-17 Vermont Log Home on 147 acres sold.

9-9-17 Magnolia Texas Log Home Sold.

7-28-17 Chesapeake Ohio Log Home Sold in 2 months and 13 days.

7-17-17 Another log home sells in Ohio.

7-4-17 Ohio Log Home sells in less than 120 days.

6-30-17 SC Log Home Horse Property Sold.  Read the ad Copy.

6-27-17 Mutphy NC Log Home Sold.

6-1-17 Washington golf and yachtclub home sells in 60 days.

 6-1-17 Log Home sells in MA in less than 120 days  $629140.00 - 2980 SF.

5-23-27 Va Log Home finally sells.. 

5-19-17 Pennsylvania log home sells.

5-8-17 Riverfront log cabin on 10.89 acres sells in 45 days

4-30-17 Sold another PA Log Home - Hamilton Township - $429000.00 2700 SF.

4-20-17 Home listed for $2,000,000 sells in two years following llisting on

 4-7-17 Central Wisconsin Log Home sells in 60 days.

4-7-17 Central Wisconsin 192 acres land sells in 60 days.

3-16-17 Indianapolis home sold. This was a very nice home.

Sold by Auction...  Sold Auction Magnificent Custom Built 3,414± SF Log Home

Sold... North Carolina Southland Log Home on 3 acres for sale

 3-10-17 North Carolina Home sell by Auction.

 3-10-17 4800 square foot log homes just closed in North Carolina.

  2-22-17 This is Rachel from No.1 Quality Realty. I have placed another add and need for it to be approved. Our active add for McCormick Ridge looks amazing. The new add is for 3715 Plateau Rd. I can be reached at work.  Thank you. Rachel

 1-24-17   $3,200.000 Washingtom Home Sells.

1-13-17 Maryland Bayfront Property Sold in approximately 120 days.

12-11-16  Another Auction Log Home property Sells.

12-2-16 LogHome sells in Jefferson Ohio

10-27-16 Sold Washington Yacht Club Home sells in in 90 days.

 10-16-16 Sold... Stream side P.A. LOG HOME for sale on 1.24 acres

10-15-16   Woolford MD, $675K Log Home Under Contract in 120 days.

9-13-16  $3.2 MM Washington property sells in 7 days.

9-30-16  North Carolina Southland Log Home sold. 

9-6-16   Jasper Indiana home Sold in 11 months after listing on

 8-14-16 Thank you for sharing my listing on your beautiful website! Karen (a realtor).

7-18-16 Michigan Log Homes sell in 2 months 4 days.

7-15-16  $525K PENNSYLVANIA Log Home sells.

7-12-16 North Carolina Has Qualified Buyer.  This Log Cabin Home was listed on 7-6-16.   Client a note in the mail that Reads: Dear Martin, Payment Endclosed. After current month please discontinue our ad. We already have a pre approved loan buyer on the highboard and ready to dive, or as they say in Colorado coming down the slope. This is most promising and almost there. If there is not something broken, the deal should close in a short time. Thanks, for the Great Servcice you provide. May peace and contentment be your companions.  [ This email just made my day as the owner had tried other venues to sell with no results. ]

7-6-18 Florida Log Home mini farm sells in 18 days.

8-18-16 Michigan home sold in 3 days,

 6-1-16 Connecticut log home sells in a week after listing on

Bainbridge NY log home sold on 05/23/16.   This home sold in 1 year and 2 days.

NY Listing sold in Approximately 16 days following listing on

5-04-16 Memphis Indiana Home sells in 9 months following listing on

3-11-16 Indianapolis, IN listing sold in 7 months following listing on

2-24-2016  Took a while but my Log Home for sale by Owner - North Georgia Mountains has closed.

2-9-2016  Hi Martin!  I just wanted to let you know we got our first lead about two weeks ago and they are really an interested party!  I'll keep you posted on the progress.  Our home is out on over 1,000 websites and none of them has brought us a live buyer until now.  Thanks for you help!

1-29-2016 Tennessee Log Home Sold by Owner. 

1-18-16 Listed Michigan Log Home Friday 1-15-16.  2 offers received 1-17-16.  Agent said, home Sold. in 2 days.

1-05-16 PA Home sells for $172000.00

 1-05-16 California Log Home Sells in 3.5 months for $710,000.00

 12-20-15  Michigan Log Home sells 120 days. 

12-18-15 Real Log Cabin in the Woods for sale Buena Vista GA sold in 150 days.

 12-1-15  Nevada (Tahoe Area ) Log Home Sold.  Thank you and Happy Holidays.

11-12-15  Florida Log Home sells in 30 days. Thanks for the ad.

10-15-15  Colorado Log Home near Woodland Park Sold.

 19-9-15 Gladwin MI Log Home sells is 60 days.

10-5-15  East Texas log home sells in 2.5 months. Thank you for the ad.

9-7-15 Wyoming Log home sells 45 days after being listed on  What a blessing.

9-7-15 Indiana log home sells 30 days after being listed on Thank you for all you help.

8-17-15 CT log Home sells 91 days after being listed in Somers, CT.

 7-12-15 Michigan Log Home sold in in 6 weeks.

7-28-15 Georgia ad posted 7-15-15 and sold for cash on 7-28-1. Closing on 8-20-15.

7-20-15 Lake Granbury Texas Log Home sold.

7-4-15 Texas Waterfront Log Home with steep water access stairs sells in 1 year. " Thank you again"

7-14-2015 Wyoming ad posted 7-3-15. On 10-13-15 Prospect flies from Texas to tour this Wyoming getaway property, another came from Florida, etc.

6-22-2015 Ohio Log Home Equestrian Estate - 13+ acres sold 75 days after being listed on

6-8-15 Another Log Cabin sells in 25 days.6-04-15 AL. Log cabin sold in 15 days.

 4-20-15 Charlotte, NC log home for sale goes under contract in 15 days.

3-20-15 CT.  Did you cancel my listing we sold our home  Thanks again for everything. Hope all is well. God Bless You. Home sold in approximately 90 days.

2-23-15 Saw Milled Log Home for sale in Manchester, Tennessee. THIS FEATURED AD SOLD 11 days.

2-20-15 My listing on your site, 20 creek drive in Halifax PA is now sold.  Thank you!!

2-18-15 Notice received Paw Paw Michigan on a 2.3 acre lot and 104 ft of frontage on an all sports lake sold.

2-17-15  This home was re-advertised in May 2014.  Thanks for the January 2015 prayer, our Ohio log home is under contract. M

1-16-2015  Tennessee, Listed to Sold in 71 Days......... "I had some very happy customers. I just received the listing documents on another log home in Jamestown Tennessee.  I'll get the marketing info and photos ready to post within the next few days.........."

1-12-2015  Last week an Illinois log home sold and closed in 5 days for cash.

1-1-15  Indiana Log Home Sold - closing 9-7-15 "Thank you again"

1-1-2015  Lakefront NY Lincoln Log Chalet sold.

1-1-2015  Another Tennessee log home sold.

12-29-14  Beautiful Parker Colorado Log Home sells 5X in 5 months.

12-29-14 VA Log Home Sells for $750,000 in 6 months.

 11-22-14  VA Log Home horse property sells for for $1,175,000.

11-06-14 generates more log home leads than any service I use. Thank you for all your help with this log home for sale IL listing. Pam

11-06-14  Martin when it sells I will send you a litre of Jamisons. Thanks for all you help.  He sent the litre of Jamisons.  Sold in a Week.

10-31-14  NJ Log Home sells 93 days after listing on "Nice working with you mMartin"

10-25-14 Dansville MI,  log cabin home sold.

10-23-14  Washington Log Home sells in 94 days after being listed on "Martin is was a pleaseure working with you. I will have another to sell after the first of the year".

10-16-14  I have sold this log home 3 times in the last 12 years. The last time I sold it 6 years ago was from a lead from I am listing with to sell this fine home again. MV

10-13-14 Lake Ashbury Waterfront Log Home for sale near Jacksonville Florida sold in 6 months. Tough Market. Very nice property. This Broker referring to 2 other agents to with log homes for sale. Nice.

10-6-14 Colorado log home Under Contract sold 17 days after listing on

10-5-16 Missouri Wilderness Cabin sells.

10-1-16 Missouri Wilderness Log Home sells.

9-1-14  Lake Michigan year round log home with acreage, Sold.

8-27-14 Illinois log home sells by Owner $340000.00. This listing ran off and on for 24 months.

8-21-14 Connecticut log home sells.  Thanks Martin it was a pleasure   I will definitely be back if I get another log

home listing. Cordially, Jane

8-10-14 Very nice Washington Log Home sells after being listed on

8-1-14 Brown County Indiana log home sells after being listed on

7-1-14 Spectacular Waterfront Hand-Crafted Log Home for sale in Ohio.

6-20-12 Fleming Ohio log home sells in 50 days after being listed on

6-22-14 Cookville Tennessee log home sells in 120 days after being listed on This ad was viewed 403 times.

5-20-14 Morgantown Indiana log home sold after being listed on Log Home Ad was viewed 397 times in a slow market.

5-14-14 Norman Oklahoma - tough market, $329000 log home under contract 3 months 15 days.

5-13-14 Prices are going up in some parts of Colorado, Tennessee, North Dakota, and Montana.

3-1-24 About Auction Ads: 60 day feature auction ads are usually read 2200 to 2600 times.

2-14-14 Log sided home sells in McHenry Illinois

1-1-14 The most any ad has been viewed had been 147000 times over a 3 year period.This home was listed in Greek Peak, NY.

12-7-2013 Ad archived;
Hello Martin..... If you would, please remove my listing from your Georgia locations for sale. I now have it on a long term lease and will not be available for another year or two. Maybe my market area will be better by then. Thanks for your web site and will be back if I post it for sale again. Best of Luck and cheers, J. Y.

11-21-2013 LOG HOME SELLS IN Greensburg, Indiana in 60 days.

11-21-2013 LOG HOME SELLS IN Lebanon, TN.

10-30-2013 West Liberty, Ohio HISTORICAL CABIN SELLS.

10-15-2013 Canadian log home sells in 90 days.

9-17-2013 Washington log home sells in 75 days.

9-10-2013 Tennessee log home sells 8 days after being listed on for cash. This home ran as a freatured ad. Featured ads run in rotation on our home page and 90% of all pages. Featured homes also run in the State Directories.

8-22-2013 Washington State Island log cabin home sells 38 days after being listed on (That is pretty good in this market. LHC had one sell 14 days after being listed on

 7-1-2013 Hello Martin, My log home on 5.34 acres it has closed and sold last week. I only have one log home listed right now. I had 4. All have sold. Thank you. Tennessee Realtor.

6-7-2013 Martin, I am pleased to inform you that my listing on, Hwy 160, Bayfield, CO,  closed contract yesterday, May 6, 2013.  Your log home web site was instrumental in many discussions and opportunities in exposing this property to the log home market.Thank you for your support.  At this time, please suspend any and all future payments for this listing. I will definitely keep you in mind for future log home opportunities. Regards, JZ

4-5-13 Log Home Sold - Woodland Park, Colorado

 3-25-12 Log Home Sold in New York State

3-22-13 Log Home Sold Plympton, MA

  3-14-13 Log Home Sold - Lake Front home in North Ft Myers Florida

 3-13-13 Log Home Sold - Washington State

   8-30-12 Hi ! How do I remove our log home from the site ..thank you for allowing us to utilize this avenue for advertising we received many calls from your site. Thank you Karen,

   7-12-12  Please remove our listing it is the Pennsylvania home. We closed on Friday. We had at least 5 Inquirers a week from your site. Amazing asset. Angie G.

You said, and I agreed with you "Jesus is Lord over the sale of this home"--It sold on our anniversary a few days ago--our closing is in about a month or less. Thank you for all your agreement and blessing!!! You can now withdraw the ad for 26746 Lost Lake dr Paisley, Fl 32767--thanks again, Martin - Lisa 05-07-12

Sold 2 homes from your listings in the last 6 months. I am placing #3 this weekend. Connie. 4-15-12.

The house has sold! You provided more hits for the time period than 04-26-12

 Thanks we will need you again. Laura

Thanks for all you help. I will put your info out to the other agents in my company. I have been happy with the leads from your site. I hope to advertise with you again in the future. Kathy A.

Hi Martin... Well you can finally put a sign on the house SOLD! And we got our asking price! We have our closing date on the 18th and the moving vans show up on the 11th - and we off on our new adventure in Virginia. Thank you for all your assistance over the past couple of years.  It was the best site to be on.  In fact with the exception of two leads they all came from your site.  In fact the last person to send a request for information wanted to buy the house if the deal fell through, so we even had a back up.  I have sent two other people to your site to list their log houses so hopefully they too will benefit from the site's good reach! Thanks again Martin- Linda M. - New York FSBO listing.

Martin... Hi. The web site brought several potential buyers to the property. Several made apts and viewed the property. I think the site was very helpful. Best regards, Nancy

 Hi Martin... It's been a pleasure working with you. Hope we can do it again real soon! We have now closed 6060 Big Horn. Thanks for all your help. Ed in Colorado

 Dear Martin... I just want you to know how much I appreciate your website.  As a realtor I have received so many great leads after two months of running an ad. The folks that I have ended up speaking with that are interested in purchasing log homes are such nice people!  Thank you again for a beautiful and user-friendly website. Regards, Pam B.

Hello. I wanted to let you know that we have closed on Laura U's log home in Madison, WI and it is SOLD !! Thank you for your help!!

Please remove the ad for the house in Serena, IL.  It is sold - buyer first found out about it through the ad on your website.  Thank you! Kathie.

Martin thanks for your help in listing my log cabin last year. My realtor sold it for more than the asking price.  I am getting a lot of calls.  Can you take the add off the site? Michele

 Hi Martin... Just wanted to say thanks, my first sale from a lead on the Nimbus property. We closed on 30Th. I get a tremendous amount of leads from this listing, I hate to remove it, what would you do? I am inclined to leave it posted and just let folks know that we have sold it recently. I have so many new clients from your capture system, it is wonderful!! My husband Joe has two log homes that I should send you. Can you put them under his contact information, and I can just pay for them on my account? I will send them to you this week, one at Divide South and one on Pikes Peak. Thanks again for your support, and a great resource for log homes buyers!!! Stephanie

Martin, This property is pending, so do not re-new the ad. Thanks so much, Rachael R.

Martin, Please remove this home from your list of log homes for sale in Colorado.  I sold it for $600,000.  I have attached a photo so you can find it easily. Thanks and will be in touch when I get another log home.Tom.

Please remove 21158 Highway O-Sedalia from your database? The site has been very beneficial to prospective lead generation. Ryan

Well, wouldn't you know...Murphy's Law.  We have one firm purchase offer who wants to close by August 17.  In the wings, we have another couple who will buy our home if the first one falls through for whatever reason. Thanks for your cooperation in getting our ad on line.  Guess some local folks really did want it. Patricia G.

Hi Martin, Thought you might like to see the seller's feedback about his listing on your site.... Thanks for all your help. Have a great weekend!...Teri & Judy. Fantastic Job...I like the way the narrative accompanies the pictures themselves. You guys are the best. Can't wait to start writing my testimonial about why I was "happy" to pay a realtor to sell my home. Tell ReMax powers to be that I will be telling everyone that not only Judy is worth it...but also Remax.

Martin, you have hit all the nails on the head. Am doing just that. I appreciate your efforts and to know there are still folks like us out there. Chuck.

Your web site is superb and I would definitely use it again! Thank You! Sara Bell

We have our property listed with you - NY Log Homes - 2 homes on 10 acres; Timberframe Home and Handscribed Guest House. It's SOLD!! Thanks for your service. We had a lot of interest, but ended up selling it through a realtor.

 We hope to renew the log shells for sale when it expires.  The best advertising dollar we have spent is at your site!  Thank you again and we will stay in touch. Sharon Dalton

You might like to know that your web site has produced one of the few potential buyers we have seen to date. Don Sharpe.

Wanted to let you know that our house has sold.  Even though the people that bought it were only 25 minutes away they did find it on your site. Thank you very much.

I was told my phone number is wrong on the site for the Ithaca NY property should be(unpublished here). Can you check this for me, just got two leads from the site. THANK YOU!!!!

Please remove the Custom log home For Sale on 5 acres in Deer Creek Woods Estates on Lake Texoma (Texas Listing). This property did sell.  Your web site worked out for me very well.  I did receive many emails from the web site. There is another agent in my office with a log home listing.  I will recommend your web site.

Martin, we sold our home.  Thank you so much for your website. I will definitely be highly recommending it. We sold  for $395,000, and closed yesterday. May God Bless You. Scott and Shauna Moore

Thank you for advertising my hand-hewn logs on I am happy to report that I have a full price cash buyer for the logs. Can you please discontinue the advertisement of my logs, which are located in the number 2 slot on Log Shells for sale under the name LRM Realty


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Log Homes For Sale on

Log Homes For Sale - Listed on


Log homes, Log cabins, Land, Farms and Ranches for sale in the United States and Canada.

Riverside log homes for sale, Lakeside log homes for sale, Creek side log homes for sale,

Oceanside log homes for sale, Log homes and cabins for sale on acreage.


Click here to Search Any STATE for Log Home Listings.


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 Log Homes For Sale is an International service of listing log homes, timber frame homes, and log packages for sale in the United States and Canada. In addition log home real estate listings, log cabin real estate listings, log homes and log cabins for sale by owner we accept International listings as well.

Log home builders, log home mills, real estate firms and log home owners can list log homes for sale in this directory at The only requirement is that the log home be available for viewing. All ads run monthly for the term of your listing agreement unless removed earlier. There is a fee for all for sale ads. Use one of the listing forms to list your log home or log cabin for sale.

To view our advertising rates or to list your log home or cabin for sale by following this link.

Can't find the home you are looking for listed for sale on, consider building. Here is a link to our Catalog and free log home information request.


Published in For Sale Section features Log Homes, Log Cabins, models and plans + US Log Home Real Estate for Sale Today. has new ownership, management, and a new web site coming in 45-60 days. America's 1st log home information web site.

First published in 1994 we feature three styles of log homes today; the milled log home (or manufactured log home), the handcrafted log home and the timber frame log homes.  Whether you are looking to buy a log home package or have a custom log home or log cabin built for you, has your needs covered.  The established American and Canadian log home mills and log builders featured here provide information for 460 models of log homes, handcrafted log homes, log cabins, fishing cabins, hunting cabins and retreat cabins.  Log construction styles include Round logs, D logs, Half logs, Square logs, Saddle Notch, Post and Beam Log Homes, HandCrafted Log Homes and the Timber Frame Log HomeA log house becomes a log home when you add your personality to its natural beauty and warmth.©

Log Home or Cabin seminars listed with  Click to list your seminar.

 "Log Cabin Homes" workshops scheduled 2022.  Click to view times, dates and locations of Upcoming Events on the bottom of their home page.

"Southland Log Homes" has Log Home Models in 19 States available for viewing.  Here is a link to Southlands Model Location Map.

 Log Home and Log Cabin  Models and Plans.

In Models and Plans section you will find photographs of affordable log homes and log cabins. These stunning homes were built by true log craftsmen. The mills and skilled log home builders listed with will help you make quality building decisions every step of the way. Feel free to contact them as they have the answers to all of your questions about building a log house, a custom log home, or a custom handcrafted log home, a log home or a log cabin.

Log Home and Log Cabin Real Estate For Sale.

Looking for an existing log home, log cabin or timber frame log home real estate to purchase?  We have Luxury Log Homes, Classic Log Homes, and the Best Country Log Homes for Sale.   Under the Log Homes For Sale Tab you will find United States, Canadian Realtor and FSBO "for sale by owner" listings.  These log home and cabin real estate listings are for new and "rustic log homes" - including short sales,  log cabin foreclosures, lease option possibilities.  Looking for real log home design ideas?   Look at the interiors of log homes for sale in our for sale section.

Selling a log home or log cabin, we have you covered.

Have a log home or cabin to sell? Our Log Home Real Estate advertising rates are very reasonable. Click "Login / Register" and then register to create an advertising user account to list your log home or cabin for sale. "Michigan Log Home sells in 2 days after being listed.  Tennessee log home sold 8 days after being listed on for cash." Log homes and log cabins often sell in 30 to 120 days.

Pictures of real log homes and log cabins.

Looking for real log home or log cabin design ideas? Look at our log home and cabin real estate for sale section to browse photos of real log homes and cabins throughout the United States and Canada. You will learn a lot about the interior construction, decorating ideas and the design of log homes and cabins by looking at the photos of our log home properties for sale.

New Jersey - Awesome 4025sf Log Cabin Home with Pool for Sale. Click to view listing.

 Log Shells, Log Home Kits and Packages.

The construction process of a log home or cabin starts as a log shell, progresses to a log kit and then to a complete log home package. The owner/builder or owner/contractor may purchase a shell, a kit or a complete package. For details click on the Shell Kit Package Tab.

Contracting or Building a log home or cabin.

Contracting with a builder and building a turnkey (ready to live in) log home has never been easier. Buying a log home package and acting as the owner/builder/contractor has never been easier. Erecting a log home or cabin kit has never been easier. Log Builders will also erect log kits for you to finish. We are an American Spirit web site with a "can do" attitude. Here at hope does spring eternal.

Preserving log homes and log cabins.

Log home maintenance information is available from PermaChink - "Your Wood Care Resource", log home maintenance companies, and other supply companies listed with Preparing a log home maintenance plan is no different than preparing a plan to maintain any other home. You can find log home and cabin maintenance information here - About Maintaining Log Homes.

Log Home Maintenance & Log Home Repair.

Welcome - Gran Cielo Log Home Renovation, an established log home renovation company with three locations servicing six states.

Requesting log home or Log Cabin information.

When you request log home information via you will be contacted by one or more log builders who can assist you in planning your dream home budget. Log homes are for everyone and on par cost-wise with a standard home of comparable size. Here is a link to our free linformation request.

Since 1994 more than 453,650.000 pages have been read and pictures viewed on by people interested in buying a log home.

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