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Introduction to Log Homes

Introduction to Log Homes


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Log Homes are not all the same.

Log Home Catalog and Free Information Request

As you can see from these images there are many different styles and types of log homes built in the United States and Canada.

While some floor plans may look similar they are all different. Here at we enable potential log home owners to make good decisions when building or purchasing an existing log home or cabin.

Designs and plans may look the same but they all vary from mill to mill and from builder to builder.

  • There are different building styles.
  • There are different building systems.
  • There are many different models and plans.
  • There are different log profiles: round logs, D logs, square logs, coped logs etc.
  • Different species of logs are used to build log homes.
  • Log homes are built from handcrafted logs and from milled logs.
  • Some log homes are built using kiln dried logs, nature-dried standing dead timber, or green logs.
  • Many log home companies have standard log home plans for you to choose from.
  • Semi custom log homes are revised standard log home plans.
  • Custom log homes are designed from the ground up to accommodate your life style.

All of the items mentioned above have been addressed by the mills and builders who are listed on

Our primary goal on is to point you in the right direction. The articles posted in our information section are the starting point in your journey to life in a log home. The builders and mills listed on our web site can answer just about any log home or cabin question you may have. We invite you to contact them by email or phone.



Open invitation to our advertisers: Send us your log home information articles and we will consider them for inclusion on our web site. We are especially interested in receiving articles from owner builders or owner contractors with hands on experience. Appropriate credit including company name and authors name for each posted article will be given. Contact for details.
Enjoy the web site.


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About is the natural, organic log home web site featuring log home builders, models, plans, log home real estate, furnishings and wood preservation information. provides advertising web space for log home and log cabin builders, mills, wood preservation, and furnishing companies to promote and sell their products.

Our purpose is to educate the public about log homes in general. Our goal is to help our clients increase log home sales. Specifically, we include information from a variety of industry sources including architects, log home designers, engineers, home manufacturers, log builders, and log suppliers. At, potential log home home buyers can communicate with log home builders and mills.

By virtue of our easy to remember domain name and continuous hard work, has grown into a global log home and cabin information resource. People who plan to build, buy, or own a log home naturally seek out our growing information resource of log home web pages.

Why should you advertise at

The answer is simple. is easy to remember.  We are the first, most natural place people look for log home information on the Internet. This means when they type in they find our log home information resource.  No search is necessary.  We have had more than 460 million page views since first coming online and receives hundreds of requests for information each and every month.  We know the information real buyers are interested in reading and seeing.  Our logs show we have hundreds of thousands of return visitors.  Yes! Visitors bookmark for frequent return visits.  Clients are astounded by the quality of our information requests.

On the new website we provide clients with all kinds of interesting statistics including, but not limited to, the number of times your page is read, your ad clicked, the average sale price of log home re-sales.

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For information on how you can advertise your company or services on the network, mouse over the About tab on our home page and read Advertising on  Next click on the Login tab and register. Registration is free for potential advertisers. By registering you gain access to the user section of In the user section you will be able to review advertising opportunities available to your company. is not associated with any log home or log cabin company except through advertising.

About selling

Every month we receive inquiries about selling our log home web site. and were sold to our family trust years ago.  Will the Trust sell and  Yes! and are available to purchase when you make your offer through    For details contact

In the meantime Enjoy while the new site is being built and be of good cheer.


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Women Are Up To The Task

Project Management, "Women are up to the task."

 They Don't Build 'Em Like They Used To

By: Judy Flanagan, Cedar Homes of Washington, Inc.

It's well known that project managing the construction of a home will save you money and give you more decision making control. What is less widely known is that many successful project managers are women who have no construction experience whatsoever.

My company has been selling cedar homes for 18 years. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with all kinds of home buyers. Their backgrounds and experiences are as varied as the houses they build. However, I've noticed that the women who elect to project manage the construction of their homes share similar characteristics that uniquely qualify them for the job.

What women lack in home construction knowledge, they more than make up for in natural curiosity and organizational skills, or as some prefer to say, multi-tasking abilities. Anita Legaspi and her husband Ray (neither of whom had construction experience) built a 3,600 sf custom cedar home near Lake Stevens, WA about 5 years ago. At the time, Anita was a stay-at-home mom who enjoyed sewing and Ray was employed at Boeing. They realized early on that they could get more house for their money if they did it themselves.

Of the pair, Anita had more time available to organize the project and research their options. She realized that her experience with soliciting items for school auctions would also be helpful in obtaining subcontractor bids for their home. I wasn't afraid to talk to people and ask questions. I had the ability to communicate on the phone, commented Anita.

With the help of a timeline (outlining tasks and deadlines), Anita obtained bids and contracted out: the foundation, shell construction, electrical, plumbing, roofing and deck installation. Anita, Ray and their son Christian did much of the painting and finish work themselves.

Anita admits that the time spent building the home was difficult for their family. Ray and Anita chose to live on-site by utilizing their small trailer and a camper. She remembers the initial fun of camping, complete with bonfires (to burn up the stumps) and hot dog roasts. However, the summer fun dissipated when wet weather set in. Ray and Anita realized that their trailer was becoming more claustrophobic than cozy, and it wasn't very well insulated.

Looking back on their house building days, Anita offers this advice:
Decide what's important to you.
(1) If you really want that special kitchen, go for it.
(2) You can never go wrong with quality.
(3) Develop a cost breakdown sheet to help you compare bids and expenses.
(4) Big name companies don't always offer the support you'll need.
You need to be able to communicate with a dealer, subcontractor, etc.
You should feel like you can call them any time.

Nancy and Paul Davis knew that they wanted a cedar home for their mountain retreat near Cle Elum, WA. Neither Paul nor Nancy had bought property before and the whole process of developing the property and building a home was new to them.

In an effort to learn more about the process, Paul and Nancy attended a Log Home Seminar and also researched companies and products on the Internet. According to Nancy, The seminar was good for us. It brought up all the things we hadn't thought about.

Prior to staying home with their son Cory, Nancy had been a foundry supervisor and had also worked in a human resources department. She knew a few things about interviewing, hiring and managing people. She also knew that if she and Paul were to build the cabin themselves, "it could take years!" Their solution was to put Nancy at the helm and have her manage the construction of the cabin.

Paul and Nancy elected to undertake the finish work themselves, but hired separate subcontractors to handle the foundation, shell construction, electrical, plumbing and roofing. At one point, Nancy put together a work party with three girlfriends. Together they installed the wood flooring in the great room and kitchen. However, Nancy noted that this was done only after we had dinner out on Friday night to discuss our approach, and of course, a great breakfast with lots of chit chat before we actually began.

A low point for Nancy came when she was the only person on-site and the cabinet people dumped all our kitchen cabinets right in the middle of our driveway. It was up to Nancy to figure out how to get them all inside by herself. Nancy called for back up and said, I had to be really assertive, which is totally out of my personality.

Today, the Davis' are very proud of their 2,300 sf cabin retreat. We knew we could do it with the support of knowledgeable people in the industry. Based on her recently acquired construction management skills, Nancy offers the following tips:

Find your own system to stay organized. Nancy used a notebook divided into tasks, i.e. electrical, plumbing, and roofing, etc. Network with other people within the construction community and seek their advice It's OK to be assertive, especially when you are trying to track down answers and make decisions.

Everybody is blown away by how beautiful my home is, says Diane Weibling who project managed the construction of her own 1,200 sf cedar home in North Bend, WA. For ten years, Diane, a family support worker for the Seattle public school system, read how to build your own home books at the North Bend library. The librarian finally told her she was going to have to stop reading and start building her own home. And that's exactly what she did.

In addition to her library research, Diane attended open houses and talked with other homeowners. She says that the idea of project managing the construction her home evolved slowly. I felt like if I wanted it done right, I'd have to do it myself.

She obviously did a lot of things right. Her home has a panoramic view of Mt. Si, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. People drive slowly past her home so that they can appreciate her unique setting and beautiful home.

Diane took time to look for bargains on cabinets and appliances for her new home. She said, I got all my solid maple kitchen cabinets for $1,200. Someone had ordered these and never picked them up. I went to the Sears Outlet and checked out their scratch & dent models. I bought a fridge with a broken plastic handle that I easily replaced. I bought a demo wood stove at the fair and saved $600.

Her project managing experience has taught her a few more things, including:
Try not to micromanage the subcontractors. It'll drive you (and them) crazy. Ask the builder how many projects they have under construction. It may mean they won't have blocks of time to give to your project , and this could extend your timeline. Ask for contractor prices

Each of these women brought unique skills to their home projects, none of which was a background in construction. What motivated them to manage their home construction? Certainly money was a factor. By project managing the construction of their own homes, each woman realized many thousands of dollars in savings. The savings could result in a lower mortgage payment, or it could mean having a larger home for less money, or both! In some cases, project managing is a way for the homeowner to maintain more control over all aspects of the home's construction.

Project managing home construction is not an option for everyone. The state of Washington allows homeowners to serve as their own general contractors (or project managers), but not all states will permit this. Bear in mind also that not all banks will finance owner-built homes. Lastly, remember that when the plumber doesn't show up on schedule, you're responsible for keeping the project moving forward and on budget. Some subcontractors are aware that your home is a one-time project for them, whereas a contractor will be calling them for other jobs in the future. This may affect the quality and timeliness of their work which in turn may adversely affect your timeline and budget.

None of the women interviewed for this article had building background and none of them had ever project managed the construction of a home. However, all three women had a natural curiosity about the process and were willing to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Certainly, the end result for each of these project managers is a beautiful home and many thousands of dollars saved. The most unexpected outcome has been a change within each woman. When asked, "What did you learn about yourself"; all three women project managers responded, I learned I can do anything I set my mind to.

Judy Flanagan, along with her husband Mike, were first time owner / builders of their own cedar home 26 years ago, in Snohomish, WA. She and her husband have owned Cedar Homes of Washington Inc. for 18 years and use their own home as a model. In addition to Cedar Homes of Washington, Judy also serves as an industry consultant to new dealers and conducts informational cedar home seminars for home buyers.

For more information and / or photos contact:
Judy Flanagan
Cedar Homes of Washington, Inc.
23209 131st Ave. SE
Snohomish, WA 98296-5420 features Log Homes, Log Cabins, models and plans + US Log Home Real Estate for Sale Today. has new ownership, management, and a new web site coming in 45-60 days. America's 1st log home information web site.

First published in 1994 we feature three styles of log homes today; the milled log home (or manufactured log home), the handcrafted log home and the timber frame log homes.  Whether you are looking to buy a log home package or have a custom log home or log cabin built for you, has your needs covered.  The established American and Canadian log home mills and log builders featured here provide information for 460 models of log homes, handcrafted log homes, log cabins, fishing cabins, hunting cabins and retreat cabins.  Log construction styles include Round logs, D logs, Half logs, Square logs, Saddle Notch, Post and Beam Log Homes, HandCrafted Log Homes and the Timber Frame Log HomeA log house becomes a log home when you add your personality to its natural beauty and warmth.©

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 Log Home and Log Cabin  Models and Plans.

In Models and Plans section you will find photographs of affordable log homes and log cabins. These stunning homes were built by true log craftsmen. The mills and skilled log home builders listed with will help you make quality building decisions every step of the way. Feel free to contact them as they have the answers to all of your questions about building a log house, a custom log home, or a custom handcrafted log home, a log home or a log cabin.

Log Home and Log Cabin Real Estate For Sale.

Looking for an existing log home, log cabin or timber frame log home real estate to purchase?  We have Luxury Log Homes, Classic Log Homes, and the Best Country Log Homes for Sale.   Under the Log Homes For Sale Tab you will find United States, Canadian Realtor and FSBO "for sale by owner" listings.  These log home and cabin real estate listings are for new and "rustic log homes" - including short sales,  log cabin foreclosures, lease option possibilities.  Looking for real log home design ideas?   Look at the interiors of log homes for sale in our for sale section.

Selling a log home or log cabin, we have you covered.

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Pictures of real log homes and log cabins.

Looking for real log home or log cabin design ideas? Look at our log home and cabin real estate for sale section to browse photos of real log homes and cabins throughout the United States and Canada. You will learn a lot about the interior construction, decorating ideas and the design of log homes and cabins by looking at the photos of our log home properties for sale.

New Jersey - Awesome 4025sf Log Cabin Home with Pool for Sale. Click to view listing.

 Log Shells, Log Home Kits and Packages.

The construction process of a log home or cabin starts as a log shell, progresses to a log kit and then to a complete log home package. The owner/builder or owner/contractor may purchase a shell, a kit or a complete package. For details click on the Shell Kit Package Tab.

Contracting or Building a log home or cabin.

Contracting with a builder and building a turnkey (ready to live in) log home has never been easier. Buying a log home package and acting as the owner/builder/contractor has never been easier. Erecting a log home or cabin kit has never been easier. Log Builders will also erect log kits for you to finish. We are an American Spirit web site with a "can do" attitude. Here at hope does spring eternal.

Preserving log homes and log cabins.

Log home maintenance information is available from PermaChink - "Your Wood Care Resource", log home maintenance companies, and other supply companies listed with Preparing a log home maintenance plan is no different than preparing a plan to maintain any other home. You can find log home and cabin maintenance information here - About Maintaining Log Homes.

Log Home Maintenance & Log Home Repair.

Welcome - Gran Cielo Log Home Renovation, an established log home renovation company with three locations servicing six states.

Requesting log home or Log Cabin information.

When you request log home information via you will be contacted by one or more log builders who can assist you in planning your dream home budget. Log homes are for everyone and on par cost-wise with a standard home of comparable size. Here is a link to our free linformation request.

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