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Wednesday, 04 January 2012 10:01

About Maintaining Log Homes Intro Page

About Maintaining Log Homes

Maintaining the natural beauty of a log home is not much different than the effort required to maintain any other type of home. Let's assume for a moment that the exterior your current home is covered with a colored composite shingle which receives a daily beating from the sun and wind blowing sand. Attached to your home is a lovely wooden deck. Over a short period of time the sun will bleach out the color of the siding and the deck. The wind and rain will also work on your deck. This is only nature at work. It is just natural. The solution to maintain the beauty of any home or deck is to put a maintenance plan in play from the day of purchase.

This section of is all about dealing with nature. How to prepare a log home maintenance plan for a new home, an existing log home or how to restore a neglected log home. We have also included a section called "Dealing With Natures Pests" which are some of natures annoying little critters like ants, woodpeckers, termites, wasps etc.

In Log Home Maintenance you will find helpful articles about;

  1. Developing your log home maintenance plan
  2. Managing log home exposure to the sun
  3. Managing log home exposure to moisture
  4. Dealing with natures insects
  5. Dealing with natures pests
  6. Preserving wood
  7. Preserving wood decks
  8. Dealing with Mold and Mildew
  9. Parasitic Wasps
  10. Glossary of Wood Terms
  11. Cleaning Wood Surfaces
  12. Mill Glaze
  13. Stain and Topcoat Additives
  14. Restoring neglected log homes and cabins

As time goes on our log home maintenance clients and log home owners will submit new log home maintenance articles. These log home maintenance articles will come from people living in different climates all over the the United States and Canada.

Open invitation: Send us your log home maintenance articles. We will consider consider all maintenance articles for inclusion on our web site, especially those from people with hands on experience. Appropriate credit for the article will be given. is accepting log home maintenance articles from our subscribers and from log home owners. Contact us for details.

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Monday, 28 November 2011 12:15

Log Home Maintenance Suppliers - Coming Soon

Log Home Maintenance Supply Companies


The all new Mainenance Supply Company section is being developed now. Come back in a week. In the meantime look around other sections of the web site.

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