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Wavy Edge Siding Featured

BigLog Homes manufactures wavy edge Eastern Red Cedar Siding. It is available in in 1/2" through 1" thicknesses. The siding features one straight edge and one wavy edge. The wavy edge has most of the new wood removed with a bandsaw by hand. The wavy edge follows the original contour of the live edge. Removal of the earlywood insures the performance of the siding. We recommend the thinner siding for the best coverage. The thicker sidings by their nature use more lineal footage and have a heavier profile. Each job is custom made from our stockpiles of air dried logs. costs range from $2.00 to $3.50 per square foot of coverage depending on quantity and thickness. Orders require a minimum of 3 weeks lead time. We can also provide peeled flare bottom Cedar posts and large live edge slabs. Toad Cove Bar Lake of the Ozarks using 1" thickness
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Ted Ciolli
2000 Seven Hills Road
Jefferson City, Missouri, United States, 65101
573 636 8086
573 636 8086
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