Log Home Maintenance Guide #1


Now that the exterior of your home has been re-finished with Perma-Chink Systems Ultra 2 stain and topped with Life Line Advance Exterior you have a 3 year manufacturer warranty on your product.  With light maintenance you have the option to extend your warranty for two more years if proper care and procedures are taken over the next 12-18 months.

During the time between 12-18 months after the complete restoration was finished a light cleaning is required using the product Log Wash on the exterior surface on your home.  The purpose of this product is to loosen any dirt or pollen that has built up onto the surface of topcoat.  After the product has sat on the wall for about 10 minutes it will be thoroughly rinsed off with a garden hose or pressure washer with very little pressure to make sure that existing stain is not affected or damaged in any way.

After the wall has dried, one coat of Life Line Advance Exterior (topcoat) plus UV Boost will need to be applied right over existing product. This will extend your warranty for another 2 years for a total of 5 years from original restoration date.

After this process is complete it is strongly recommended that you do the cleaning step with Log Wash once a year from this point on. Not only does it give your home a fresh clean look every year, it protects your product as well as your home.


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